I’ve just had an accident

Having an accident is upsetting! You may not realize the options you have!


We’ll promise to take puzzle out of estimates and sort out confusion about insurance companies and their involvement. We’ll also provide you with warranty information.


Utilizing our computerized Estimating and Imaging System means estimates are provided to customers quickly.


Our shop’s own paint-mixing bank eliminates the need to wait for paint delivery equating to faster service to our customers. Another benefit of a paint-mixing bank onsite? It enables us to more closely match faded colors where necessary.



Reporting an accident:


Police or RCMP need to be called if:


  • there are injuries.
  • if impaired operation of motor vehicle is suspected.
  • drivers involved in the accident do not have documention (e.g. insurance).
  • a vehicle isn’t drivable.
  • if damage to vehicle(s) exceeds $2,000


Note that vehicles should not be moved until police or RCMP arrive. A Collision Report Form will be filled out in instances where police or RCMP attend an accident scene.


Your insurance company should be notified following the accident.



In cases where police or RCMP do not need to be called:

  • move vehicles to another nearby location so there is no obstruction to traffic.
  • drivers are to exchange information regarding registration, insurance and driver’s licence number plus the names on the driver’s licence.
  • obtain names and telephone numbers of any witnesses.



Selecting a shop to repair the damages to your vehicle:


Confusing and unfamiliar jargon and phrases. Unsure of what your rights are in choosing a
shop? Assistance on getting an estimate done and the ultimate repair of your vehicle?


Did you know selecting a shop to repair your vehicle is YOUR choice?



Here are some general guidelines:


 You do not need more than one estimate. Notify your insurance company about the
shop you have chosen for the repairs, or have us contact them on your behalf.
Prior to authorizing any repairs, notify your insurance company that the estimate is
complete and you are ready to go ahead. We will bill the insurance company directly.